The Decision Dash:Stop Falling Victim To Analysis Paralysis And Confidently Choose Which Business Idea To Pursue In The Next 5 Days (Sprint Framework I’ve Taught To 15,000 Professionals)

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Uncover why you want to start a business (there are 3 powerful reasons)Align your "why" to your dream outcomeCome up with dozens of good business ideasChoose the winning idea using my decision scorecardLaunch your business idea (key steps to take and mistakes to avoid)

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My name is Charbel – founder of Sprintwell and startup mentor for 10+ years to startups like Figma, Indeed, and LinkedIn. I've taught my sprint frameworks to nearly 20,000 people.

"For the longest time I wanted to start a business. It wasn't till I went through the Decision Dash that I actually committed to moving forward."

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Day 1: Uncover Your "Why": 3 Powerful Reasons to Start a Business 🚀Day 2: Your Ultimate Goal: Aligning Your "Why" with Desired Outcomes 🎯Day 3 Unleash Your Creativity: Brainstorming Rules and Questions to Spark Ideas 💡Day 4 Choose Your Winning Idea With The Decision Calculator 🏆Day 5: Launch Your Business Idea: Key Steps and Mistakes to Avoid 🚀